Caspar-Jan Hogerzeil was born in 1967 in Johannesburg and was transferred to Germany at the age of five. He had a quite comfortable time in school at the Waldorf school until at about 17 something better came up for him.

Being a very dedicated electronic musician during that period, the desire to produce his own music video and the financial situation althogether brought him into the arms of the post-production scene in 1984.

A rock-hard practical training in London then opened up doors to the Hamburg based company Trilion and then to the most famous Filmhaus München. Not offering any kind of decent activities for leisure time in Munich, he fully concentrated on his work as an editor and then after a while switched to the field of directing.

Starting off with music videos that quickly led to international success (and some fame), the notorious producer “Bulle” Berndt then monitored him towards directing commercials. This was in 1988 and led to years of rock-climbing challenges and various production companies in and around Europe. One or the other commercial won prices (Cannes Silver and Bronze; ADC 2 x Gold).

From then on it has been a steady flow of directing commercials and trailers, TV-design for premiere, ARD and ZDF, lecturing for the ADC as well as passionate engagements with music and musical assignments for films.

Developing and deepening of longstanding interest in architecture, art, and pop culture provide the foundation for setting up the label, which is popular for its productions and releases of “Ambient Motion Pictures”.